Landscape quantity surveyors and Landscape cost consultants

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Landscape contractors - Landscape tender service

LandPRO and Landscape Contractors - Our original Roots


We ensure your profit by understanding your costs



The Service we offer

  • We have a long history of winning profitable contracts for landscape and garden contractors.

  • We work with you to cost any landscape project that you want to win

  • We specialise in winning the landscape or garden contract that you really want to win and making sure that you make a profit on it.

  • Our expertise is to analyse the work involved and to help you to submit a viable tender that will not only win the job but that will make a profit for you. 


Who this service is for:

     •This service is provided specifically to contractors who do not have the available internal expertise of highly

        experienced landscape surveyors or estimators or whose staff are too busy running projects to devote themselves

        to the pricing of landscape tenders.

     •Over many years we have won for our consistent client base some of the most desirable projects in

        the UK (and European) landscape and garden sector.


How it works

     •We break down the project into every labour, material, machinery and sub-contract resource.

     •We tell you what it’s going to cost you to do this Job.

     •We produce your submission documentation.

     •We advise you on the mark-ups to apply (if required).

     •We give you management reports tools buying lists and work schedules that ensure your profit.


... and then...

     If you require, we will work with you negotiating changes, revisions, resubmissions, and finally the final contract

     pricing and contract terms.


LandPRO’s expertise in the garden and landscape construction sector

has won our clients some of the most desirable works 


We are the original specialist landscape quantity surveying service in the UK


We work with tenders and landscape Quotes and will give you a fixed price for any Job